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One of my problems as a speaker is that I try to cram too much information into one speech. Partly it’s because I want to share a lot about my topic. Partly it’s because I’m afraid of running out of material and having nothing left to say.

You’d think I might practice what I preach. What I preach is – your audience will remember only one or two facts, three at the most. So I might as well forget about packing in more and more information. What I need to do is pick my two or three best points and give people a good strong anecdote with which to remember each of them.

Some recent research from the University of Oregon supports this. Researchers found that information supported by narrative was transferred more effectively than that supported by:




simple assertion.

The researchers went even further and said that the use of narrative made people more likely to:

remember the information,

use the information,

make good decisions based on the inforamtion.

So I am going to try to inform less and reinforce my few nuggets of information with narrative in the form of anecdotes. This will be easier for me to remember and also easier for my audience to remember.

All of life should be so simple.

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